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Invasion of the Tipsy Santas On Bicycles

Green Santa, Tipsy Santas

Grinch Disguised as Santa, and his Tipsy Friends

Yesterday, December 3, 2016, I walked out of my graphic arts class in Milwaukee into the street only to encounter a fantastical vision of hundreds of Santas-drunk and on bicycles. And a couple grinches and elves too. While I can not answer the existential question of “Can there be more than one Santa Claus” I do know what I saw. And took photos to prove it. I believe that these Santas (and grinches and elves) were cycling from pub to pub in downtown Milwaukee. As you can see above, some were struggling to mount their bikes. Having stood in the street to photograph them, my only advice is to stay out of their way!


We Need…The Amazing Acro-Cats!!!!

Last Wednesday, I was feeling stunned and dismayed by the results of the presidential election.  Aimlessly skimming a newspaper, I saw an advertisement for a show at a local theatre featuring a troupe of cats. Intrigued, I bought two tickets for Sunday night, betting that it would lift our spirits.

How can “The Amazing Acro-Cats” be described? A vaudeville act of amazing feats (or “paws”) of athleticism and artistry? An innovative and ground-breaking rock band of superstar cats and a chicken ? A train wreck? All of the above?

In essence, the show was pandemonium. The cats (with names like “Tuna” and “Ahi”), a ground hog and a chicken ( “Cluck Norris”)  performed circus tricks amid chaos. Except when they didn’t feel like it. So Lola, the star shown in the Feature Image above, refused to come down from the high platform, despite all manner of entreaty from the trainer who was standing precariously on a tilted chair. To the great amusement of the audience, Lola perched on high for almost fifteen minutes.  Other cats would do a trick, e.g. ride in a little car, balance on a ball and then, feeling naughty, would take off running wildly through the audience.

My favorite kitty is shown in the center below, playing the drums in this photo of the “Rock Cats.” He just sat there and played the drums with his tiny paws, banging away and never stopping. Cutest little performer.

Little Drummer Kitty

Little Drummer Kitty

We sat in the back of the sold-out theatre, full of every kind of young and old cat lover. I tried to capture the feeling of the evening through my photos, and snapping photos through the crowd was part of the fun. The Amazing Acro-Cats show brought happiness to a somber week.

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November Reflections

This fall on Saturday mornings, I head to Milwaukee to take a photography class at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design (MIAD). Located on the Milwaukee River in the Historic Third Ward, MIAD offers a fun locale and scenic area for photography. After class last Saturday, I walked along the River Walk with a friend photographer and found a kayaker paddling through reflections.  And these young women enjoying the afternoon and memorializing it in selfies.



Boy and His Dog Panhandling

Madison Wisconsin. Yesterday I walked down State Street looking to catch photos of revelers in their costumes. I came across this boy with his dog sitting on the sidewalk. Throngs of people passed by, carefully avoiding them. I spoke with the mother as she played her guitar and panhandled. She said she needed money for food as she was having trouble with food stamps. I contributed to her cause and received permission for this photograph.

This photo makes me feel sad and as I post it, I am wondering what I can do to help.

Halloween Girls on State Street

Madison, Wisconsin. Late afternoon on October 29, I headed to State Street where FreakFest is held every Halloween. My favorite photo is of the girls featured above, looking outrageous and having a great time. About the “rear view” below, no comment is necessary.

Halloween, State Street

Halloween, State Street

Great Egret and Family: Selfie

This morning as I walked in a park along Lake Woodlands, I came upon a family taking a selfie with a Great Egret. While the Egret showed great patience in allowing this, it finally had enough.

The drama captured in my photo feels like a portentous moment, foretelling wonderful things for this little family.

Street Scenes, Fannin Street, Houston

Michael is a homeless man who hangs out near the train stops on Fannin Street. I spent some time talking to him, and learned that in his past, he took a photography course. He spoke articulately about technical aspects of photography and cameras. He no longer has teeth and did not want to be photographed with an open smile. I wondered about his past,  what his life might have been and where it is going. michael-on-fannin-street