Boy and His Dog Panhandling

Madison Wisconsin. Yesterday I walked down State Street looking to catch photos of revelers in their costumes. I came across this boy with his dog sitting on the sidewalk. Throngs of people passed by, carefully avoiding them. I spoke with the mother as she played her guitar and panhandled. She said she needed money for food as she was having trouble with food stamps. I contributed to her cause and received permission for this photograph.

This photo makes me feel sad and as I post it, I am wondering what I can do to help.

One thought on “Boy and His Dog Panhandling

  1. Kathy Derene

    This is really sad. I’ve heard that it’s harder for women to find shelters here. There are few. Plus I imagine it’s harder if you have a kid and a dog. Weather’s getting colder. Let me know if you decide to take any action.


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