Monthly Archives: October 2016

Boy and His Dog Panhandling

Madison Wisconsin. Yesterday I walked down State Street looking to catch photos of revelers in their costumes. I came across this boy with his dog sitting on the sidewalk. Throngs of people passed by, carefully avoiding them. I spoke with the mother as she played her guitar and panhandled. She said she needed money for food as she was having trouble with food stamps. I contributed to her cause and received permission for this photograph.

This photo makes me feel sad and as I post it, I am wondering what I can do to help.


Halloween Girls on State Street

Madison, Wisconsin. Late afternoon on October 29, I headed to State Street where FreakFest is held every Halloween. My favorite photo is of the girls featured above, looking outrageous and having a great time. About the “rear view” below, no comment is necessary.

Halloween, State Street

Halloween, State Street

Great Egret and Family: Selfie

This morning as I walked in a park along Lake Woodlands, I came upon a family taking a selfie with a Great Egret. While the Egret showed great patience in allowing this, it finally had enough.

The drama captured in my photo feels like a portentous moment, foretelling wonderful things for this little family.