Midnight Voyageur Journal-The Marina at Cornucopia

We keep San Francisco, our Island Packet sailboat in the marina at Cornucopia Wisconsin. Cornucopia lies on the South Shore of Lake Superior and is the northern-most town in Wisconsin. About a 100 people live there, I think. I first traveled through Corny when I was a child vacationing with my family. Returning there now takes me back to a simpler place and time where I spend my days doing fun stuff like swimming in Siskiwit Bay and making endless trip to Ehlers General Store for sandwiches and cookies and sodas. We love the village and the marina, and especially enjoy hanging out with our friends Dave and Mary Beth, the owners of the marina.

This year, we left our boat and Corny more than a month earlier than usual for Howard to head to Texas for treatment. Staying on our boat that last week was bittersweet for as much as we enjoyed being on the water, we knew that our stay was short and we would not be returning for another year.

Cornucopia Wis

Cornucopia Wis


Cornucopia Wis

Cornucopia Wis


One thought on “Midnight Voyageur Journal-The Marina at Cornucopia

  1. siskbay@cheqnet.net

    Hi Diane, Love your photo’s as usual. Corny isn’t nearly as small as you suggest, more like 270 people here! Hope all goes great for Howard!! Dave & MB

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