Monthly Archives: August 2016

Midnight Voyageur Journal: the Serenity of Wildflowers at Sunset

I took this photo when the wildflowers were in full bloom, illuminated by the sunset. I especially like the delicate white flowers scattered throughout the prairie and the serenity of the evening.

For my husband and me, this has been the summer when time stood still. He was diagnosed late spring with cancer. Treatable and curable because it is localized and in an early stage, the progression of  treatments and now major surgery nonetheless has left us carrying a heavy burden. It is as if there is no past or future until we get through the treatment. Only then can we get on with our lives.

I have continued taking photos throughout the summer as a way on focusing on the moment, away from the illness. I am only now looking at my summer photos and will be publishing the ones I enjoy the most over the next week.