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Summer Fireworks

Last night, we joined thousands of people  to watch fireworks shot from boats on Lake Monona before downtown Madison. The scene of fifty thousand plus people carrying kids and camping chairs, coolers of beer and sometimes riding bikes at the same time to find the best places to see the fireworks created chaos in my efforts to set up a tripod. My husband finally elbowed us a spot. Then I went crazy shooting the spectacular displays. Here are a few of my favorites.  I particularly like the last photo in the gallery, where you can see the smoke coming off the explosions! (Make sure you click on the photos below to open the gallery and see the entire photo.)



Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves-The Woodlands Tunnels at Night

A couple weeks ago we visited The Woodlands, a city in Texas. One night I hauled out my tripod and camera to capture the tunnels in the city center. Through the curves of these tunnels, a river runs and people walk. And through these curves we see  beyond to a different world.

#Weekly Photo Challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves-Hot Air Balloons at the Green County Fair:

Saturday evening we drove through the rolling fields of southern Wisconsin to a Balloons and Blues Festival being held at Green County fairgrounds.  We arrived to a hot and still night, and joined thousands of spectators eating corndogs, drinking beer and packing the dusty fairgrounds to see the launching of the balloons. Close-up, the balloons were much larger than I had imagined and required teams of people to inflate and hold them down via rope tethers. My photo shows the beginning of the spectacle. Once ready, the big balloons soared into the sky and returned just before sunset.

Once darkness fell, the fires were kept burning under the balloons while they remained tethered. I captured the balloons “glow” in a series of night photographs that I will publish next.