Monthly Archives: April 2016

Weekly Photo Challenge: Abstract

We spent this weekend in Colorado Springs, CO and I spent some time photographing Helen Hunt Falls, located high along a twisty road in Cheyenne Canyon. I hauled my tripod up the road to the Falls, where I tried to capture the light through the water as it fell over the jagged rocks. The sparkle and splash of the sun-lit water over the rocks are merged in this abstract image.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Future-Rising From the Chicago River

This last Sunday, Chicago offered a typical Midwest spring day-pouring rain, strong winds, cold, and heavy fog. So we did what Midwesterners typically do on a rainy day, spent it outside.  We booked a river boat tour on the Chicago River that took us through the heart of Chicago, under its bridges and skyscrapers. I took the feature photo of an old L train on an even older bridge passing by a post-modern skyscraper under construction. The skyscraper appears to balance on one leg, with its under-skeleton bare and exposed. The tour guide told us that this building represents the future of skyscraper construction. By the proximity of the old with the new, this scene points to the future.

The next day in Chicago brought beautiful, warm and sunny weather. My photo album shows some of the sights we enjoyed both on the river boat and the following day.

#Weekly Photo Challenge-Future

Hail Storm Over the Prairie: Weekly Photo Challenge-Landscape

Yesterday, a severe storm front moved through the Midwest, bringing with it strong winds and dark clouds racing over blue skies. I felt determined to capture the storm and headed to a local park known for its rolling prairie grasses and gentle hills. After driving to the park as quickly as I could, I saw that the storm was moving in faster than I expected. I left my tripod behind in the car, and instead grabbed a great big old pink umbrella to shield my camera from the rain.  Holding tight to the umbrella with one hand and the camera with the other, I photographed the storm line as it blew in over the prairie. This is my favorite shot.  I liked it best in black and white as this captures the gloom of the moment as hail was about to hit. The hail forced me to stop shooting and retreat to my car.