Weekly Photo Challenge:State of Mind-Street Corner Violinist

Yesterday, I walked home through the French Quarter on an errand to pick up a fresh praline from Crescent City Cooks. and to photograph some interesting homes in the Quarter and Uptown neighborhoods.  And then something about this street musician standing alone at the intersection of Bienville and Royal, away from the usual busker venue, caught my eye. Clearly a trained violinist, she played  mournful classical tunes in return for dollar donations. While a pretty young woman, recent times have not been kind to her. She gave me permission to photograph her and I stayed awhile, taking in her passing sadness.

This week’s photo challenge stated, ” You can often tell my mood state just by looking at an image I took during that period of time,” quoting Danielle Hark. I thought about this and wondered what my photos of this street violinist say about me. When I look at the series of photos, I think the violinist caught a fleeting moment of sadness and isolation in me. But then I saw the expression of the young women in the photo below and knew that I had captured (and felt) more than sadness. It was a moment of happiness in playing the music and doing what you love.

NOLA Violinist-2

NOLA Violinist-2


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