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Willy Street Gallery: A Mysterious Disembodied Hand and Rooftop View (Photo101Weekend3)

Yesterday I met up with some friends who live off Willy Street, a popular neighborhood known for its counterculture aura. Standing on their roof, looking out over a fence of barbed wire, I took this photo of MGE’s coal plant looming over the nearby homes. I also shot a pair of bikes locked in a parallel arrangement on steps overlooking the street as a kind of architectural detail of the neighborhood .

The feature photo and gallery below show my study of the disembodied hand I found in the storefront of a local psychic and palm reader. The hand with its strange contorted mirror and magic amulets mesmerized me. I may even go back to shoot in different conditions, such as a rainy day or night time.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Half Light

The reflections and half-light of a gondola ride through City Park, New Orleans brought to mind the lyrics of Santa Lucia, the Neapolitan song:

Now ‘neath the silver moon Ocean is glowing,

O’er the calm billows, soft winds are blowing.

Here balmy breezes blow, pure joys invite us,

And as we gently row, all things delight us.

Weekly Photo Challenge

Aftermath of Ice Storm: Photo101-Landscapes

After the Ice Storm, Pheasant Branch Conservancy, Blk/Wht

After the Ice Storm, Pheasant Branch Conservancy, Blk/Wht

Yesterday, a spring storm brought snow and ice to the upper Midwest but the sun and its warmth returned today. Over coffee this morning, my husband pointed out that ice covered the trees, so I ran outside with my camera to capture the sun on the ice crystals. The photos posted are the same image in color and then in black/white. I’m partial to the black/white image.

Photo101: Natural World and Leading Lines

Late this afternoon, I drove to Pope Farm Park, a small county park that sits high on steep hills overlooking a narrow valley in an area of Wisconsin that was not flattened by glaciers in the last Ice Age. Once the site of a farm, an old stone fence remains as a boundary between present-day farm fields and the park. A weather front crossing the Midwest brought 50 mile per hour winds, but I managed to take this photo of the lines created by trees, fence, path and field.

Last night, I went out at dusk in a steady rain and took this photo of train tracks while sitting in the car. Fortunately, no trains came by as I sat on the tracks!

Train Tracks in the Rain

Train Tracks in the Rain


Photo 101:Big & Point of View: Fredrick’s Hill at Sunset

A weather front blew across the Midwest today, bringing 50 mile per hour winds and radiant clouds. We were driving home after dinner out when I noticed the sunset on Fredrick’s Hill near our house. The winds made it hard to hold the camera steady so I set the shutter speed very high to avoid having the shakiness show in the photos.