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Civil War Graves, Port Gibson, Mississippi-Photo101, Edge & Alignment

In the heart of the South, the Mississippi town of Port Gibson saw major battles in the Civil War and the loss of many lives. These graves of Confederate soldiers, many of whom were teenagers, lie in the Wintergreen Cemetery. They lie under a canopy of Spanish moss, looking old and timeless and sad.  I have visited this cemetery, which is on the National  Register of Historic Places, several times and can never escape its quiet, haunted feeling.


China Lights, New Orleans City Park (Photo101Color)

A few weeks ago, I spent an evening photographing the breathtaking Chinese Lanterns on display at the China Lights exhibit at New Orleans City Park.  Walking through the glowing exhibition, which covers the entire botanical gardens of the park, felt fantastical and otherworldly. Silk lanterns originated in ancient China and the symbolism of the lanterns is expressed not only through the shapes and characters, but also through the colors. Red symbolizes good fortune and joy. Green represents health and prosperity. White is the color of purity and fulfillment, but is also the color of mourning. But yellow, the color of the dragon above, is the center of everything and generates Yin and Yang. It was the emperor’s color in Imperial China and represents the five legendary emperors of ancient times.  I hope to see this exhibit again as it travels the world.



Willy Street Gallery: A Mysterious Disembodied Hand and Rooftop View (Photo101Weekend3)

Yesterday I met up with some friends who live off Willy Street, a popular neighborhood known for its counterculture aura. Standing on their roof, looking out over a fence of barbed wire, I took this photo of MGE’s coal plant looming over the nearby homes. I also shot a pair of bikes locked in a parallel arrangement on steps overlooking the street as a kind of architectural detail of the neighborhood .

The feature photo and gallery below show my study of the disembodied hand I found in the storefront of a local psychic and palm reader. The hand with its strange contorted mirror and magic amulets mesmerized me. I may even go back to shoot in different conditions, such as a rainy day or night time.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Half Light

The reflections and half-light of a gondola ride through City Park, New Orleans brought to mind the lyrics of Santa Lucia, the Neapolitan song:

Now ‘neath the silver moon Ocean is glowing,

O’er the calm billows, soft winds are blowing.

Here balmy breezes blow, pure joys invite us,

And as we gently row, all things delight us.

Weekly Photo Challenge

Aftermath of Ice Storm: Photo101-Landscapes

After the Ice Storm, Pheasant Branch Conservancy, Blk/Wht

After the Ice Storm, Pheasant Branch Conservancy, Blk/Wht

Yesterday, a spring storm brought snow and ice to the upper Midwest but the sun and its warmth returned today. Over coffee this morning, my husband pointed out that ice covered the trees, so I ran outside with my camera to capture the sun on the ice crystals. The photos posted are the same image in color and then in black/white. I’m partial to the black/white image.