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Jackson, Mississippi

I remember the first time years ago we stayed in downtown Jackson on our way to NOLA. I felt shock and disbelief that the state of Mississippi would allow its capital city to be filled with dark, abandoned buildings and emptiness. The downtown spoke of widespread poverty, neglect and crime. The King Edward Hotel, now a Hilton Garden Inn, seemed to offer some hope of attracting other businesses and uplifting its street corner, at least. But in the years that we have been coming here, nothing has changed.

I took these photos a couple weeks ago as we walked back to our hotel after dinner.

Mayflower Cafe, Jackson MS

Mayflower Cafe, Jackson MS



Road Trip-Interstate 55 Through Missouri and Illinois

Driving home to Wisconsin from NOLA took us along Interstate 55 through Missouri and Illinois. We suffered through the icy cold, snow-covered landscape complete with giant highway billboard after billboard calling for us to embrace religious salvation and righteous living. At Springfield Illinois, we stopped for lunch at a roadside Culver’s (very righteous). Across the street stood a drab, cinderblock building advertising its business with the sign above.

Lunch Spot on Interstate 55

Lunch Spot on Interstate 55


Howard’s New Orleans family on his mother’s side has gone to Galatoire’s Restaurant for generations. His great great uncle walked there daily from his store on Canal Street for lunch. Apparently he ordered the same salad every time, and Galatoire’s named it on the menu as the “Godchaux salad.” Keeping the tradition, our family spent an epic evening eating and drinking and hanging out there together for hours. Three of us wore hats to dinner and you can see them hanging on the pegs above the diners. The morning after, when I awoke, I was struck by the sunlight streaming through our Antonine Street place.

The Featured Image shows the hands of a busker doing a street performance in the French Quarter (and Blue Dog.)