Images of Morocco-Marrakech Medina at Night


Marrakech Medina

Marrakech Medina

We arrived in Morocco on the afternoon of November 6 to cloudless blue skies, desert heat and the frenetic, crowded energy of Marrakech. We stayed at a charming, traditional inn that enclosed us in serenity after our long trip.

Riad, Marrakech

Riad, Marrakech

Not wanting to let grass grow under his feet, however, Howard left the serenity at nightfall and headed a few blocks to the Medina, Marrakech’s old city center. Crowds were out to enjoy the Friday night, and food vendors had set up shop to provide for the many gatherings. The night was also a holiday to celebrate Morocco’s Green March, which in 1975 involved peaceful demonstrations by hundreds of thousands of Moroccans to successfully reclaim land in the Sahara from Spain.

Howard wound up meeting a snake charmer, who introduced him to his friend the viper. Howard describes the meeting as “intense” and very interesting.

(Credit to our friend Steve for the snake charmer photo.)




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