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A Patch of Green: Autumn in the Prairie

 Yesterday late afternoon I walked through the prairie of the nature conservancy near my home.  The sun alternated with clouds and fog making the light unpredictable. For reasons I can not explain, the green foliage took on a luminous glow. This patch of green through a sea of tall golden prairie grass drew my eye.


In late August, 2015, we were on our sailboat, sheltered in the harbor of Grand Marais as gale-force winds swept over western Lake Superior for several days. The storm erupted against sunny, clear skies, and its winds drove the Lake’s waters into the sea wall. The Pie Place Café provided us a warm refuge on the quiet side of the sea wall. The dock reached to infinity while bounding the Lake waters.

Storm over Lake Superior, Grand Marais Harbor, MN

Storm over Lake Superior, Grand Marais Harbor, MN

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Boundaries.”