Chippewa Harbor-Bats, Hiking and Fine Dining

On August 30 and 31, we anchored in Chippewa Harbor on the south shore of Isle Royale, We navigated into the Harbor with me standing on the bow to look out for the shallow reefs that pockmark the channel. Our warning system consists of me shouting at Howard to steer clear of obstacles. This usually works if he follows my directions.

We motored the dinghy to a nearby hiking trail, where we walked through thick forest and swamp. We visited a one room log cabin, in a very dilapidated state, which was once a school house for the island’s children in a bygone era. And we found this little guy sitting in a little nook above the door. I never knew bats had such cute little eyes.

After hiking, we swam in the severely cold water. And then cocktail hour arrived followed by a steak dinner. To top his just-made apple pie, Howard whipped cream by shaking it (I never knew cream could whip by just shaking). A very quiet day for us.


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