Grand Marais, MN, August 23, 2015, Weathered In.

"Beaver House," Grand Marais, MN

“Beaver House,” Grand Marais, MN

After the long sail on Saturday and a night of howling wind, we spent Sunday hanging out in Grand Marais, taking in the sights. Including the “Beaver House” which sells live bait and “beaver flicks.”  I spent hours at the Java Moose drinking thick black iced coffee, hunched over my laptop and writing about the north. At dusk, we walked to the Pie Place Café overlooking the harbor where I caught Howard stealing my triple berry pie.

We discovered something wonderful-the best hot tub in the world can be found in Grand Marais! This is in contrast to the “worst shower in the world” also in Grand Marais. The new community YMCA, right in town, offers this amazing experience. For $5, guests from the marina can enjoy a beautiful new infinity pool and this huge hot tub. What makes it so great? Strong jets everywhere-from low to high that feel like a massage. I luxuriated in it for far too long every day we were at harbor and this made for late dinners. It sure beat the marina’s “worst shower in the world,” that I posted about in September 2012.

World's Best Whirlpool at the YMCA in Grand Marais, MN.

World’s Best Whirlpool at the YMCA in Grand Marais, MN.


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